Artist statement.

Courtney Hyland designs and makes narrative jewellery, influenced and developed by personal events/memories.

Her latest project explores the memories she has of her grandparents, whom both suffered from Alzheimers. She wanted to explore memories and a way of making them wearable, therefore they would then become a physical object and not something a disease can take away from you. Memories are precious and she wanted to convey this within her work, therefore she has used diamonds, gold plating and gold leaf within her collection. This gives the work a physically precious appearance, and conveys the message that the memories are precious. The shapes and materials Courtney has used throughout her collection were influenced by her Grandparents; her Nan a keen knitter and her Grandad a coal miner, means she has explored coal, knitting, and the tools used. This exploration has developed into a collection of wearables consisting of brooches, rings and a neckpiece, the choice of how the wearables are worn was influenced by the passing on of a ring, brooch and necklace by Courtney’s Nan.

This collection has the ability to evoke emotion through both sympathy and relation.

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