Not everything is as it seems.

Alopecia was the narrative behind this project;  the writing within the resin was a blog written by a girl whom suffers from alopecia.  It talks of how she has to put a bold front on, when realistically the disease makes her feel delicate and vulnerable.  This was also reflected in the shapes used for the wearable.

What is a wearable?

This collection focuses on throw away objects, proving there is beauty in everything, even the derelict.  Courtney focused on found objects making them into wearables and giving them a new lease of life.  This questions wearbles- does it have to be precious?

What is a wearble?

This collection explores the concept of throw away objects; by recreating nails, Courtney questions how precious nails are, and does a simple aesthetic such as patination mean nails can be seen as attractive?   

cuimhní cinn.

This project explores Alzheimers and the loss of memories within Courtney's Grandparents.  The use of materials and techniques such as coal and knitting are influenced by Courtney's Granddads previous job and Courtney's Nans love of knitting.  The memories in these pieces range from her Grandparents anniversary, to her heritage, to a specific memory of her Granddad always giving her and her two sisters a one pound coin each on every visit.

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